Raising children in the 21st century can be a daunting task for most parents. There seem to be many demands on the adults and the children. Additionally, the more we know about child development and behavior – and with innovations in and the usage of technology – the more multi-faceted child-raising has become. It does take a village to support families and to maximize each child’s potential.

All of us – adults and children – have areas of strength and areas that are challenging and problematic in our relationships or in the ways we interact with our environments. I work with parents and their children from birth to 18 years, as well as other professionals, caregivers, clinicians, teachers and administrators, to help children understand and deal with behavioral challenges that impede their success at home and/or at school.

In my work with children, I help them know and maximize their strengths and feel good about their potential, while learning to make good behavioral choices that will improve their relationships and emotional control. I use a cognitive behavioral approach in conjunction with play therapy and reflective communication to establish a positive rapport with my clients. I also give parents many ideas, strategies and tools to enhance their understanding of their child’s behavior and improve their communication and emotional bond with their child.